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Jigsaw Falling Into Place - Harry/Ron - NC-17 - Prompt 24 of 40

Title:Jigsaw Falling Into Place
Prompt:24. Coffee Mug
Word Count: 1,985
Spoilers:Not really applicable for Harry Potter I don't think...Um, this is set post DH and everybody that book left dead is still dead.
Author's Notes: Damn you charma_10! Damn you and your suggestion that I honour the anniversary of Deathly Hallows by posting the next chapter today too! *shakes fist at persuasive Australians* So okay then, here you go, 'Happy The Silver Doe Anniversary Harry/Ron shippers'. We always knew that Ron was deep and Harry never fancied Hermione. JKR is one of us.

Go to this prompt table for links to previous chapters. I am doing the table in order.

(Jigsaw Falling Into Place - Part 24 - Coffee Mug)
Tags: harry potter
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